Healthy Train

I have some aspirations to be a photographer, at least to the level of making an expensive hobby pay for itself. So, I read the blogs of photographers who do great work. One of those blog is by Bobbi + Mike. The photography is fun, colorful and beautiful. But this post isn't about photography. It's about weight loss. Surprise.

Bobbi has created the Healthy Train challenge to lose weight between now and October. TBWITWW and I have been trying to lose weight, and I thought some extra accountability would help motivate us, so we've joined in.

We've been exercising more, and paying more attention to what we eat. We've also been trying to make sure to do things like always eat dinner at the table and to eat more sensible snacks. We'll probably refine our actions as we go further down this path. I don't think either of us expects to win (although a photo session with Bobbi and Mike would be fun I think) hopefully by October we'll have made good progress in getting closer to a healthy weight for each of us.

Here's my before picture if you're curious. However, you might not want to look if you have a sensitive stomach or overly prudish tendencies. And if you're the sort who finds chubby, hairy, fish-belly white dudes attractive, I'm taken.

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